Our Services

Most certainly cold

Our testing area is situated 200 km above the Arctic Circle but still far away from the Arctic Ocean. The thermic winter season in Muonio is over 6 months long. Here you are able to run the cold climate vehicle testing from late October until late April. All tracks are on hard frozen ground with well prepared hardened snow.

Durability testing

Durability testing in cold is essential to ensure your vehicles high quality and functionality for end customer in all circumstances.

Cold environment brings possible problems and misbehaviours of single components, hardware or software and complicated systems earlier and more clear visible than in normal conditions.

Especially unexpected symptoms of exhaust cleaning systems and EV-charging and range matters seem to be extremely important for our customers.

Naturally our tens of experienced test drivers which are used to follow strict driving instructions or implement various other test procedures are available if needed. As well as our experienced engineering team.


vehicle testing

Often vehicle testing include single component or systems testing in prototypes or pre-series vehicles. We provide excellent environment with support to your engineering team to achieve best possible solutions in time slot that is usable for these tests.

If needed we can provide test drivers or engineers to assist or realize needed test procedures independently or as a support.

You can get also our recommendations or support for route selections, different load requirements or any other needs. 



A good variety of high standard accommodation possibilities are found close to the Lapland Proving Ground. We have a close partnership with the leading accommodation provider in Northern Finland, Lapland Hotels.

Events and promotions

Pasasjärvi is an ideal place for your: driving experience events, driving events on ice, driving schools, new model launches, new vehicle presentations, film shootings, film groups making advertisements… Make dreams come true!

General services

Our support can include also

  • Spare part purchasing
  • Winter tyre purchasing to site including installation
  • Towing on proving ground or on public roads
  • Making special preparations for track sections
  • Engineering made according customer specific instructions
  • Experienced drivers driving according specific instructions
  • You name it!