designed especially
for cold climate testing

LPG workshop and offices

The main workshop and office building is completely new providing excellent facilities even for bigger test groups. The large workshop is prepared to fit all kinds of vehicles from passenger cars to trucks. Cold chambers next to the workshop are also available for use.

Office Building

  • Overall size 461 m²
  •  3 small offices for 5 persons (13 m²)
  •  3 medium size offices for 7 persons (18 m²)
  •  4 large offices for 10 persons (32 m²)
  •  Meeting room for 15-20 persons (31 m²) – optionally up to 100 m² / 60 persons
  •  Coffee/dining room and kitchen
  •  Toilets, social room
  •  Data network connections, WiFi


  • Overall size 1.080 m²
  •  3 different size workshops (can be connected)
  •  Capacity 20-30 passenger cars / 5-10 trucks
  •  4 drive-through workshop places
  •  3 car lifts
  •  1 service pit for trucks or passenger vehicles
  •  Place for car wash

Cold chambers

5 large chambers in total

  •  Interior measures: height 3.18 m / width 2.6 m / length 8.8 m
  •  Min. temperature inside the chamber -45°C

4 medium chambers in total

  •  Interior measures: height 2.6 m / width 2.4 m / length 6.8 m
  •  Min. temperature inside the chamber -30°C

Fuel station

The proving ground is equipped with a fuel station. We can also arrange special fuel types upon request. Whether testing electric or hydrogen vehicles we can provide the required charging/fueling services through our partners.

standard and special fuels available

Three standard fuels always available

  • 95E10 95-octane with 10% bio-ethanol, EN228/2012
  • 98E5 98-octane with 5% bio-ethanol, EN 228/2012
  • Diesel Arctic -29/-38C EN 590

Special fuels by request

    • Customer delivered fuels can be stored either in customers cases or delivered directly from fuel truck to our tanks (heated or unheated)
    • Special fuels e.g. Neste MY -32C 100%-renewable  Diesel EN15940 / ASTM D975


Regular charging station

    • 2x22kW AC, Type2


The proving ground is equipped with several EV-charging devices. They can be used easily with our RFID-card. Rental and electric consumption will be invoiced after test period.

Multiple EV-charging stations

Two high power charging stations

  • Hube1
    • 2x150kW DC Charging, CCS2
    • 2x22kW AC Charging, CCS2
  • Hube2
    • 2x50kW, Type2
    • 2x22kW, Type2

Versatile tracks on land and ice

Arctic Research Center

The Arctic Research Center is located just 500m away from the testing area, additional facilities can be found for research and development operations in cold and Arctic conditions. The more open environment of the Arctic Research Center gives the possibility for all types of research and development organizations to work under the same conditions as the top car brands in their cold weather testing.

Have a peak
at real winter