Pasajärvi-Lake at Ivalo

Pasasjärvi is and ideal place for events, promotions and for fun. The hotel in
Saariselkä Sport resort area is only 20 minutes from nearest airport IVALO.
The ice track area with Club House is located about 40 minutes from hotel or
30 minutes from IVALO-airport.

Pasasjärvi is and ideal place for your: driving experience events, driving events
on ice, driving schools, new model launches, new vehicle presentations, film
shootings, film groups making advertisements… Make dreams come true!
Also including catering and accommodation.

Definitely unforgettable

You might have customers which are used to see and experience everything but need
something unique, different and something that they will remembering for years.

Ice Tracks Area

Tracks are tailored to fit your needs

Preparation must began in the beginning of winter and maintenance must continue through out the winter without interruptions. This is why reserving of ice tracks must be done before winter season.

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All Finnish lakes freeze during winter. There is always ice and a thick layer of snow. Surprisingly thick snow layer is excellent insulator, which means that top of ice surface between hard ice and thick snow layer is not always frozen, there is often a melted slush layer, which makes driving on ice impossible. That’s why most snow must be removed continuously to keep ice track in good condition.

Club House

Place for lunch, promotion and social events

The best part of all outdoor and driving trips is coming back and have some delicious food and change experiences of the day with collegues.

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Lapland Hotels is famous of its delicious and original menus which are made of local ingredients with great love. By us you don’t get fish and chips or hamburgers, unless you neccessarily demand them separately. In that case we will surprise you too!

Ice Tracks

  • Customer wishes realizable
  • 500 m circle possible
  • 5-10 km tracks on ice
  • 3 km snow covered road on land
  • 200 hectares of ice track area

Big Garage

  • Up to 40 passenger vehicles
  • 700 square meters
  • Heating
  • Electricity
  • Pressurized air

Small Garage

  • Heating
  • Electricity
  • Pressurized air


A good variety of high standard accommodation possibilities are found close to the Pasasjärvi. Hotels offer all kind of possibilities for leisure time activities. Cross country skiing, alpine skiing, snowshoe hiking, dog sled safaris, snowmobiling – everything is possible!

We are happy to organize the ideal accommodation package for your test group. Just contact us directly.