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Arctic Research Center

Most certainly cold

Located just 500m away from the testing area, additional facilities can be found for research and development operations in cold and Arctic conditions. The more open environment of the Arctic Research Center gives the possibility for all types of research and development organizations to work under the same conditions as the top car brands in their cold weather testing.

The Arctic Research Centre (ARC) facilities suit also well for technology or service providers of the automotive testing industry. Also suppliers and component manufacturers can make their cold climate test operations close to their customers. This place is open for any kind of new innovations regarding development work in cold and arctic conditions.

Being very close to the main test area, the Arctic Research Center facilities can be easily integrated to the normal vehicle testing activities of the Lapland Proving Ground. The large office building offers a good working environment even for bigger groups. If you are planning to make your test drives mainly on public roads the ARC is well suited for this purpose.

Office Building

  • 10 offices
  •  Overall capacity 65 persons
  •  Coffee/dining room and kitchen
  •  Toilets
  •  Data network connections, fiber


  • Overall size 1.500 m²
  •  Capacity 35 passenger cars
  •  7 car lifts (Nussbaum 2.40 SL)
  •  Place for car wash
  •  Toilets


We can arrange a full range of reliable services for our customers. There is over 40 years’ experience of cold weather car testing in the Muonio area and a lot of know-how to support our customers for successful test operations. A safe and reliable environment for our customers is one of our main tasks as a service provider.

location & weather

Lapland Proving Ground is located 200 km above the Arctic Circle in the municipality of Muonio, in the most Northern area of Finland. The leading car brands have carried out their winter testing in the Muonio area since the late 1980s mainly because of its unique conditions.